Responding to Change: Exclusive Tech Insight to Post-COVID Workforce Trends

Join RevWork and Aon's Rewards Solutions to explore new research highlighting key tech trends driving workplace innovation and career growth in 2021

JOIN US MARCH 9, 2021 10:00 – 11:00a PACIFIC

What are the most innovative companies in tech doing to drive innovation and growth within their workforce? Join industry insiders, Denise Hummel (RevWork Inc.) and John Radford (Aon) to discuss exclusive insights into emerging trends that are guaranteed to impact workplaces around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic highlighted a tremendous need for workplace innovation and growth. Workplace trends for 2021 and beyond point to a focus on remote wellbeing, learning technology, and talent mobility. New research shows 94% of employees recognize the career benefit of learning at work and over  50% of tech enterprises are revamping skill-building approaches. The time is now to harness these trends to drive new levels of growth and engagement in daily work life.

But uncertainty still looms large. Only 37% of companies feel they have a good grasp on how the ‘future of work’ will be defined post-COVID, and just 18% have any idea of which employees will thrive in a permanently remote capacity. Companies must also address the knowledge retention curve that continues to cap the business impact of learning today.

Register today to learn:

  • The five most important post-COVID initiatives to master, right now
  • How to be set up for success in the emerging remote-first and hybrid workforce
  • The ways leading companies are surmounting learning and development challenges by leveraging innovative tech approaches.
  • How COVID has impacted DEI talent pipelines and how HR can leverage DEI to drive the future of work as a strategic business partner
  • Mechanisms to help project future workforce needs and career growth trajectories in a rapidly shifting talent landscapeon

About Denise Hummel

denise hummel - revwork inc

Denise is an expert in organizational psychology, behavioral learning, and diversity and inclusion. She is a former partner at Ernst & Young and is now the tech founder of RevWork Inc., and Lead Inclusively Inc., where she is leveraging AI to change the way workplaces and professional grow.

About John Radford

john radford - aon - learning tech - webinar

John is a founder of Radford and now a partner of Aon’s Rewards Solutions. He leads their global technology sector practice. With four decades of experience working with the most innovative technology companies, John brings a unique perspective on the workplace and rewards and how to attract, retain and engage game-changing talent.

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