Start-Ups and Small businesses

Start-Ups and Small Businesses have unique needs when it comes to professional development and organizational performance in that they are fast-paced and evolving quickly.  Our technology was built to address both issues by providing support and reinforcement to employees in the flow of work, when and where they need it.


Smaller businesses usually get learning content from a variety of sources so that professional development and performance enhancements are decentralized and difficult to access and organize.  Your learning content may have grown organically from day one to where you are now. You have hard-earned institutional knowledge and culture that you are trying to share with an employee base that is running very lean and working very hard on a number of competing responsibilities and goals.


The RevWork Performance Platform and Companion Apps offers the ability to centralize learning no matter where the learning came from.  Take advantage of our learning content offerings or others you have licensed.  Just as important — create your own micro-learning nudges to reinforce any priority your organization has from organizational culture to product sprints to All Point Bulletins that can be delivered to the entire organization, specific teams or specific individuals with only 15 minutes of preparation.  Use our technology for certain precision priorities or as a repository for all your learning. We grow as you grow.


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