Mid-Market Businesses

Mid-Market businesses have unique needs to augment what’s working and eliminate what’s not, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our technology reinforces performance, in the flow of work, improving employee knowledge and the ability to incorporate that knowledge into every day responsibilities.


Mid-Market businesses were once smaller companies with organic growth and some of their systems and processes have to be re-aligned so that they serve the needs of a larger company. You need repeatable and efficient professional and organizational development technology that can measure performance improvement with precision to assure that the organization thrives and continues to evolve. As one of the great executive coaches, Marshall Goldsmith, once said, “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There.” A mid-market business knows who and what they are and is ready to scale. To do that, you will need to take all that hard-earned knowledge and continue to augment what your organization stands for and how that knowledge will contribute to scaling to one of the great companies of the world.


The RevWork Performance Platform and Companion Apps is built for you to benefit from the knowledge of some of the greatest thought-leaders globally, but also to give your great leaders and managers a voice to share, with their teams or the entire company, the learning that will get them where they want to go — onward and upward to their full potential.

Mid Market

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