COACHES & Psychologists

Coaches, thought-leaders and psychologists have a unique need to scale and sustain their methodology.
Our technology keeps their voice alive, continuously, over an extended period of time.


Some coaches, thought-leaders and psychologists have workshops, books, keynotes, e-learning and other ways to convey their body of work, but that learning delivery is usually a one-off. The learning they are conveying often involves behavior change or developing new habits which can’t be established in a one and done scenario.


With the RevWork platform, coaches, thought-leaders and psycologists can upload micro-learning nudges taken directly from their own methodology. That means that the learning is delivered in the flow of life and work as if they themselves was jumping out of the learner’s pocket to coach at just the right moment with just the right learning. It also keeps the relationship with the learner sticky over a long period of time. Your digital coach solution can be white-labelled and our self-driven SaaS Platform shows you how to convert your learning into micro-learning nudges that will be at the finger-tips of all your coachees or followers.

Revwork platform

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