4 Reasons Why Most L&D Initiatives Don’t Stick:

Most L&D programs are ineffective, wasteful and lack personal relevance, context and time sensitivity. Four primary limitations of the human brain are significant factors:

Learning is quickly forgotten:

Unless new information is immediately applied, humans tend to forget 75% within 6 days.

Learning happens at the wrong time:

Applying knowledge in the real world is crucial to effective recall, but training programs tend to happen on the company’s schedule, whenever it is convenient for a large number of people to come together, or in the case of eLearning programs, when the individual has a bit of time to spare.

Learning is not reinforced over time:

The human brain quickly forgets most of what it does not use, but when learning is reinforced at regular, frequent intervals, recall increases to an enormous 80%, even 60 days later.

Learning is not personalized:

Most L&D programs offer a one-size-fits-all approach. However, research shows that individuals acquire and process information in different ways and therefore to be effective should be personalized to the individual style.

5 Key Differentiators of the RevWork Platform

RevWork solves for L&D’s core challenges by leveraging science and technology to fill the sustainability gap in the traditional corporate approach to training. Here are 5 things that set RevWork apart.

  1. Ease of Use

As a software provider we pride ourselves on providing a better user experience. RevWork is a breeze to learn for admins and users. We also make it simple to migrate from other portals or in-house systems or layer on top of existing learning management systems.

  2. Just-in-Time Practicing

RevWork delivers information in the way that the user is more likely to prefer based on daily business activities. Learners can schedule notifications that fit their schedules and receive nudges to practice key behaviors in real-time. 

  3. Customization

With the RevWork  Platform, content, learning assets, methodology and branding can all be customized. You can choose from our library of content or add your own, at your discretion.


  4. Value

RevWork puts your L&D dollars to work, ensuring that every initiative you launch is truly sticky. Not only is learning content delivered into your team’s daily workflows to reinforce new habits, but you can feel confident in RevWork’s ROI with secure tracking and analytics to understand team participation, control access to content, ensure compliance and pivot strategies efficiently.


  5. Built for Enterprise

RevWork’s platform is built with enterprise-level information security, service level agreements, data compliance including GDPR. Single Sign On, Azure Active Directory and Enterprise system integrations also help improve Security


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