Responding to Change: Exclusive Tech Insight to Post-COVID Workforce Trends

The pandemic highlighted a tremendous need for workplace innovation and growth. Workplace trends for 2021 and beyond point to a focus on remote wellbeing, learning technology, and talent mobility. New research shows 94% of employees recognize the career benefit of learning at work and over 50% of tech enterprises are revamping skill-building approaches. The time is now to harness these trends to drive new levels of growth and engagement in daily work life. Join Denise RevWork and Aon to discuss exclusive insights into emerging trends that are guaranteed to impact workplaces around the world in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Building Successful DEI Strategies in 2021

First, we witnessed an unprecedented disruption to the modern workforce with the impact of the pandemic. Later, we saw a wave of social activism that had not been seen in decades. These milestone shifts in our business and societal landscape will change many aspects of how workplaces will function. All this with Diversity and Inclusion more center stage than it has ever been. At the end of this presentation, we hope you have a more clear vision for how DEI strategies in 2021 can play a more integral role in both workplace and societal change.

Re-Thinking Racism and Becoming Better Diversity Advocates

There is so much discussion happening around the topic of race and racism in communities around the world. While the discussions and debate cover a wide range of very complex areas, a few things are certain. People are scared, people are tired, and communities are divided. Ultimately, our present social climate has challenged us all to educate ourselves on topics relevant to racism and become better diversity advocates in our communities and workplaces alike.

Skills That Will Power Workplaces Through an Uncertain 2020

As disruptions and uncertainties persist people and companies must focus on developing “soft skills” that are more conducive to the future of work:

  • From a career advancement perspective for individual professionals, this means being more adaptable and across new evolving job functions and industry demands.
  • From an organizational talent and culture perspective, this means providing resources and building a culture that elevates all aspects of our workforce to contribute to future company innovations and success.

Discussing what these skills look like and how to go about developing them within our workforce and ourselves will be vital to surviving the current times and thriving in future times.

Innovating in a Virtual Workplace

Recent events have rapidly accelerated the growing trends of an increasingly virtual workplace. Being able to navigate and adapt to working in a virtual workplace is key to ensuring business continues to proceed as normally as possible.

What will be some of the biggest adjustments to overcome?
What are some tactics to better navigate a virtual workplace?
What is the long term opportunity beyond our current chapter?

Unlocking Happier Workplaces

Happy teams are also objectively healthier. According to WebMD, upwards of 90% of doctors’ visits can be attributed to some form of negative stress in a patient’s life. It is also estimated that upwards of $576B are lost every year by US employers to workforce illness. All of this, even though, on average, companies spend around $750 per employee on employee wellness initiatives. For these reasons and more, it is fair to say that workplace engagement and happiness begin with an inclusive workplace culture.

Is Your Company Culture Costing You?

At the root of a happy and innovative workplace, is an inclusive workplace culture. While there is a global social call for inclusive workplaces, statistics also show that 8% of employee turnover and 17% of employee disengagement is due to inclusion-related issues. A typical firm comprised of 3,000 employees can expect to lose $24 million annually on attrition alone. Extrapolate those figures across a global enterprise scale, and losses are well into the hundreds of millions.