Remote Teams Virtual Coach

Equipping your workplaces and people to thrive in the future wave of work during COVID-19 and beyond

The Remote Teams Virtual Coach App was co-developed with content expert Tara Powers to support teams that for the first time find themselves working almost entirely remotely.  Post-COVID-19, experts predict that we will likely never return to previous levels of face-to-face interaction. As we adapt to remote interaction, it’s more important than ever to hone collaboration skills, empathy behaviors, and productivity in our virtual teams so that we can return to prior levels of prosperity moving forward.

The Rise of Remote Work

Even before the unfortunate spread of COVID-19, remote and flexible working has increasingly benefited companies and their workforces. Ensuring our remote teams and workplaces are equipped to engage and produce at their highest level will be more vital than ever as our world continues to settle into the ‘new normal’ of work. Flexible work will continue to pay dividends for companies and their talent management strategies as they continue to work to attract, retain and develop their workforces of the future. 

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The amount of people who work remotely at least once per week has grown by 400% since 2010. – GetApp

If they could, 99% of people would choose to work remotely, at least part-time, for the rest of their careers. – Buffer

69% of millennials will trade other benefits for flexible work options including remote work. – IWG

Built to Embrace the "New Normal" of Remote Work

In order to be fully prepared for the new normal, this app has been developed to provide you with virtual coach support by giving you helpful quick tips just in time for meetings and other virtual tasks.

First and most importantly, you choose the focus of your learning based on what’s important to you at any given time.

Second, you can set the practice around your daily schedule or access the content whenever you like.

Third, you get to solidify the learning by taking a moment to reflect in your voice to text journal about what you experienced and track your progress and challenges.

Meet The Expert

Tara Powers

Author of remote teams for dummies

“I am elated and relieved about the launch of the new Remote Teams Virtual Coach App. We all knew that the workplace was transforming but no one thought it would happen this fast and under these circumstances. Which is exactly why the Remote Teams Virtual Coach App is desperately needed by companies right now. The app is custom designed to support team members that find themselves working remotely and many for possibly the first time. It provides just in time coaching with practical tips and tools that are immediately applicable.”

The content in the App is based on years of research, interviews with well known virtual companies for the book Virtual Teams for Dummies, as well as my personal experience leading a virtual team for over 10 years. It’s applicable, it’s helpful, and it’s what remote teams need today. I am honored to be a part of this launch and to help so many people that are managing remote work for the first time with this innovative technology from RevWork.

About RevWork

RevWork’s talent management solutions have been built and evolved over decades of work and fueled by an unwavering passion to make workplaces better. Advances in science and technology are pioneering how we go about empowering companies and people to test new boundaries of innovation. If you choose to work with us, know that you are choosing to join a community of professionals with an unwavering dedication to elevating people, culture and performance at all costs to the benefit of individual and collective prosperity. 

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