Art Of Balance Virtual Coach

Cultivate balance in your work, life and relationships with greater awareness and mindful action.

The Art of Balance Virtual Coach was co-developed by meditation and mindfulness educators, Josh Blatter and Sarah Maxwell, who developed a six part exploration into creating balance through awareness, perception and intentional action.

Redefining Balance

Balance is a difficult thing to define because it is unique to each of us and constantly shifting. In this program we will explore how balance rests on the foundation of self-awareness and the recognition that our actions matter. By observing our mind and understanding how we perceive and make decisions, we can develop the inner resources to more effectively navigate everyday life. We will explore various topics calling in both neuroscience and wisdom traditions. This program provides practical tools that can be applied immediately in everyday situations.

Why Is Art of Balance Different from Other Mindfulness Programs

Unlike other mindfulness programs, the RevWork behavior change technology promotes the reinforcement of small and digestible tips, reflections, lessons and daily practices that are simple to implement and apply in daily life.


First and most importantly, you choose the focus of your learning based on what’s important to you at any given time.

Event Based

Second, you can set the practice around your daily schedule or access the content whenever you like.


Third, you get to solidify the learning by taking a moment to reflect in your voice to text journal about what you experienced and track your progress and challenges.

Meet The Expert

“In order for us to thrive, we first must learn ways to cultivate balance in our work, life and relationships with greater self-awareness and mindful action.

Through the RevWork Platform, users can explore mindfulness, meditation, gentle movement, breathing and personalized reflection as a means to recognize those moments when we are feeling out of balance and to utilize our inner resources and tools to move toward greater well-being.

Quickly access best practices and key information at your fingertips or get nudged to learn and apply mindfulness behaviors daily in just a few minutes.”

Josh Blatter

Wellness Coach