Performance Suite

Moving from good to great is as imperative for High Potential employees moving up the talent life cycle as it is for organizations to achieve maximum performance for all mission critical goals. Our Nudge Technology supports and sustains the behaviors that lead to identified results, from leadership to sales to team development in this hybrid workplace we all find ourselves in.

Featured RevWork Performance Solutions

What got you here

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Marshall Goldsmith wrote a book for all successful leaders who want to “take it to the next level”. Powered by RevWork, this nudge-based program will bring awareness to how your previous success often prevents you from achieving more success. You’ll also learn the 20 habits that hold you back and how to change your interpersonal relationships and make these changes permanent through reinforced nudge-messaging just at the moment you need it.


Hybrid Team Productivity

The Hybrid Team Productivity nudge-based program was co-developed with content expert Tara Powers to support teams that for the first time find themselves working almost entirely remotely. Post-COVID-19, experts predict that we will likely never return to previous levels of face-to-face interaction. As we adapt to remote interaction, it’s more important than ever to hone collaboration skills, empathy behaviors, and productivity in our virtual teams so that we can return to prior levels of prosperity moving forward.


Hybrid Innovation

Hybrid Innovation is based on the theory of Blue Ocean Strategy which enables YOU to create uncontested market space and achieve profitable growth through what is called value innovation. An innovation mindset enables you to stand out from the rest and make the competition irrelevant which is so critical in this new normal of remote and hybrid work where innovation must be allowed to thrive. This program supports the work of Zunaira Munir, PhD supporting the state of mind necessary for innovation to be at the forefront of all you and your team do.


LEAP Into Leadership

True Cycle Coaching, Inc. is a full-service coaching, consulting, and training company. With this nudge-based program, you will be able to diagnose areas of potential growth in an organization, but get direct support and relief for any performance challenge. Leap into Leadership is a nudge-based leadership training program tailored specifically to develop leaders. The 12 week series focuses on Productivity, Growth, Communication and the nudges support leaders throughout their long journey through senior leadership.

Leading with Gratitude

Leading With Gratitude

Chester Elton and Adrian Gostick are leading experts on building healthy, engaged company cultures. With a wide variety of real-world examples and applications, Leading With Gratitude is a definitive guide to building a culture where employees feel valued and engaged, and your business grows as a result.

Design the life

Design The Life You Love

Life, just like a design problem, is full of constraints — time, money, age, location, and circumstances. You can’t have everything, but you can be creative in order to make what you want and what you need co-exist. Design the Life You Love is a joyful, inspirational guide to building the life you’ve always wanted, using the principles and creative process of an award-winning designer of products, homes and fashion, who converted her technique to one that can be used for your entire life. Through four steps that reveal hidden skills and wisdom, anyone can design a life they love with this nudge-based program and create a positive mindset and mental health at the same time!


9Q Elevate

Nine Q is the world’s first consulting company to train professionals in Energetic, Strategic, and Emotional Intelligence. This nudge-based program was designed by the human performance experts at NineQ LLC. According to Mckinsey& Co. “Executives inflow are 500% more productive” and by using this 9Q Elevate nudge-based program  a few minutes a day you will see a tremendous improvement in your flow, engagement, efficacy, and efficiency. This program was created as a daily supplement to the multiple 9Q training certificate courses offered.

Challenger sale

The Challenger Sale

The Challenger Sale methodology demonstrates how to maintain control of the complex sale. The output of this superbly researched body of work is that you will know how to better differentiate your organization, your offering, and yourself in the mind of the customer. The thing that really sets Challenger reps apart is their ability to teach customers something new and valuable about how to compete in their market. This nudge-based program reinforces the behaviors that are necessary to increase the cultivation of leads from the first interaction through the completion of the sales process.

Creating today

Creating Today

Our language creates the world in which we live. Consider when you were a child and you said, “Today, I am Superman,” or “Today, I am a princess.” And so for that particular day, that’s what you created. As we grew into adults, we got busy with tasks and creativity may have slowly disappeared from our world. Creating Today is a nudge-based program for you to take one minute and create your day in order to reinforce a healthy mindset, improving mental health. Take on the practice for one month, a year or your whole life. Create your day, each day, and see what unfolds!


Talent Mobility

When companies move their talent around, there is always a culture adjustment.  That adjustment is more severe when moving from country to country, but culture adjustment to new organizations and new parts of the nation have their own complexity. This nudge program gives users helpful hints, encouraging words, and the inspiration to move all the way from the additional adjustment to finally feeling “at home.”