Smoking Cessation Digital Coach

Empowering Nudge-Based Wellness with Tools, Inspiration, & Wisdom

Smoking Tobacco is Deadly…

Smoking tobacco leads to More than 480,000 deaths annually

12.5% of U.S. adults (an estimated 30.8 million people) currently smoke cigarettes

… Quitting is Difficult

Nearly 70% of tobacco smokers say they want to quit

Nicotine is so addicting that it takes the brain time to adjust. It is difficult to let go without repeated reinforcement

The Revwork Nudge-Based Smoking Cessation App Provides 24/7 Digital Coaching Support

Based on the neuroscience of behavior change, the Revwork App provides tools, inspiration, and wisdom for every aspect of recovery — emotional, physical, and mindset, customized to the needs of each user suffering from nicotine addiction.

Custom, micro-learning content

Integrated learning into daily life, 24/7

Nudges set by calendar or schedule

Surveys, quizzes, and journaling

Quick to add content, customize, and deploy

Analytics dashboard for tracking usage

Users Get

  • 24/7 custom guidance and support for Evaluating Mental Health, Living With Purpose, Building My Support System, Believing in My Worth, Valuing Tomorrow.
  • Micro-learning nudge messages scheduled by calendar events or custom selected times
  • Prompts to journal and insights for retention
  • Quizzes and surveys for tracking progress

Four Steps to Wellness


Digital Coach Programs


Based on Real World Triggers


Track Progress


Your People and Organization

What Users Say

My grandfather died of lung cancer and now here I am 10 years later, doing the same thing. I want to quit so badly and I know I need to, but it’s so easy to forget everything from the health impacts to how much it costs me every week, month and year of my life.  This app helps me to stay on track every time I want to pick up a cigarette.

Matt L. has tried to quit six times

It’s gotten to the point where my friends don’t even want to hang out with me or I have to miss important parts of the conversation based on having to go outside for a smoke. Smoking isn’t cool anymore and I know it. But two days after I quit, I just want to smoke again. I need the support of this app almost more than I need my nicotine patch.

Darla S. has smoked since she was 16

I complain all the time that cigarettes should never have been invented, but what good does it do to complain. What I need is to be reminded every day how much better my life would be without them and now I finally have that chance.


Martin B. finally feels hopeful about quitting smoking


Leveraging technology for behavioral health transformation (White Paper)

There is an awareness that time is often better spent on surviving life, rather than on learning how to improve and sustain positive and healthful behaviors.  Ultimately, increasing recall and encouraging sustainability of new habit formation and behavior change are two crucial elements needed to create a much greater behavioral impact over time.