Behavioral Health Suite

There is no more compelling use case for our technology than behavioral health. For mental and behavioral health organizations to better serve their population, internally or externally, our behavior change technology can be transformative to reinforcing the changes necessary for mental and emotional improvement, We improve the lives of individuals, companies and society as a whole by being part of the digital healthcare transformation that is imperative to a healthy life and the future of work.

Featured RevWork Behavioral Health Solutions


Anxiety & Depression Recovery Digital Coach

Depression is a killer, whether associated with a suicide attempt or not. Getting joy reinforcement and being reminded of all that life has to give to those suffering can literally save lives. This nudge-based program helps to improve mindset and mental health by reminding us to galvanize the strength from within and the hope for a better tomorrow.

Emotional wellbeing

Substance Use Disorder Recovery Coach

This nudge-based program supports a healthy mindset as it was designed around the principle areas impacting addictive behavior. It contains reinforcement of encouragement to live a sober life, statistics to level-set and engage in the reality of the disease, and combatting common traps to leading a sober life.

Food for thought

Weight Management Digital Coach

This nudge-based program was designed to encourage a healthy mindset towards food as nutritional fuel and to defuse the prevalent mindset that interferes with a healthy mental and emotional approach towards food, body image and physicality.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation Digital Coach

This nudge-based program was designed to inspire and support a quest to reduce the harmful impact of combustion, nicotine and other unhealthful by-products of smoking by pointing out the benefits of living smoke-free as well as the detrimental impact of combustible products in a way that supports a healthy mindset and improves mental, emotional and physical health.

Oncology support

Oncology Companion Digital Coach

The journey to healthy remission for those diagnosed with cancer can be long and depleting. Adherence to a medical regimen is only one piece of the puzzle. Keeping life-long positivity and emotional strength is the mindset that is perhaps the most significant indicator for long-term remission. This nudge-based program is intended to be the voice of support that eventually becomes the voice in their head as well through every step of the journey.


Senior Assisted Living Digital Coach

The latter stage of life can be fraught with a complex set of emotions, from fear to hope to melancholy and loneliness, or deep satisfaction. Seniors, and those who love and support them, may find themselves in need of an assisted living environment and are particularly vulnerable to loneliness, anxiety and depression. This nudge-based program supports a healthy mindset by providing inspiration, reinforcement of happy memories, and a reminder that every day is the first day of the rest of our lives and we can make a choice of how we approach each day to get the most joy out of each moment, while also accepting things that we cannot change.

Oncology support

Burn-Out Recovery Digital Coach

For the past several years the pressure on healthcare workers from physicians to nurses to all who support these patients, has mounted. This virtual coach is meant to provide perspective about what healthcare professionals themselves are facing and how to avoid the emotional and professional toll, current circumstances have taken. This program is also available on demand to those in the education profession and other professionals experiencing burnout who may wish the content to be customized for their purposes.


Anger Management Digital Coach

Anger management disorder is not defined by a one-time loss of decorum, but rather by an individual who, when angry, often behaves in a manner that causes others to be fearful and/or causes emotional or physical distress to people, animals or property. This digital coach is intended to be a companion, and not a substitute, for psychiatric, medical and other professional intervention. It helps by bringing awareness around potential triggers, reinforcing suggestions for support and inspiration for self-soothing, in conjunction with core psychiatric assistance, medication or other physician-guided treatment.


PTSD Recovery Digital Coach

PTSD sufferers often relive the traumatic event as if it were happening again. Many experience upsetting dreams or nightmares or other severe emotional distress. Therapy can help to reinforce the skills to address these symptoms and to feel better about self, others and the world. This digital coach helps by bringing awareness around potential triggers, reinforcing suggestions for support and inspiration for self-soothing, in conjunction with core psychiatric assistance, medication or other physician-guided treatment.

Art Of Balance & Mindfulness Digital Coach

Art of Balance is an exploration of self-awareness, personal reflection, mindfulness and meditation, as a means to support wellbeing through recognizing the symptoms of imbalance, and practicing skills to better navigate everyday life. This nudge-based program draws upon the current research on meditation, neuroscience and the ancient wisdom traditions that have been used for centuries, in order to reinforce a healthy mindset and mental health and promote the best possible balance on the work-life continuum.