Sales Enablement

Re-thinking how sales reps are trained and how they drive business

Building Reps To Grow Their Careers and Your Business

Imagine if your entry level sales force each had a personal coach that helps them grow into confident sale professionals. Imagine if a first time manager had an added resource that could help them tackle the new responsibilities and pressures of their role. The RevWork Sales Enablement Virtual Coach App provides real-time training that helps sales forces perform throughout their day-to-day jobs without being stuck in long workshops and seminars. 

Re-Thinking Traditional Sales Training

The sales world continues to experience rapid turnover with the average rep tenure falling to 1.5 years. In many large industries, turnover has risen to as high as 34%. Considering it is estimated to cost upwards of $115k to replace each rep, this trend is neither beneficial to reps or organizations. 

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Sales reps who hit their milestones in their first year 

More sales reps reach professional milestones when company has a training retention plan 

Companies spend $20 Billion a year on sales training

Empowering Reps to Better Retain Knowledge and Meet Quotas

RevWork’s learning technology gives sales reps a new opportunity to leverage a training experience that increases their ability to retain and apply training material that truly benefits their job functions and goals. 

First and most importantly, you choose the focus of your learning based on what’s important to you at any given time.

Second, you can set the practice around your daily schedule or access the content whenever you like.

Third, you get to solidify the learning by taking a moment to reflect in your voice to text journal about what you experienced and track your progress and challenges.

About RevWork

RevWork’s talent management solutions have been built and evolved over decades of work and fueled by an unwavering passion to make workplaces better. Advances in science and technology are pioneering how we go about empowering companies and people to test new boundaries of innovation. If you choose to work with us, know that you are choosing to join a community of professionals with an unwavering dedication to elevating people, culture and performance at all costs to the benefit of individual and collective prosperity. 

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