Two weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic, our RevWork team made a fundamental shift, pivoting from a successful consulting methodology, we completely threw ourselves into a brand-new venture. We reflected on the root goals and inspirations of our work and realized a few things.

– The success of our work is rooted in our ability to help PEOPLE grow.

– People can only truly grow if provided the means to learn, retain, and apply information in their lives which only happens when this cycle is practiced almost daily.

– Without scale, efficiency, and agility, we fall short in helping our clients reach their professional goals and thus fall short in achieving our business goals.

With these concepts in mind, we developed the RevWork platform to help drive the next evolution of professional and people development by focusing on scalable and efficient behavior change. With the evolving use of new technology and AI, we continue to come closer to this vision every day.

We are exponentially evolving the capabilities and use-cases of this technology and concept in 2021 through a partnership with a growing list of workplaces and coaching practices. Here are some ways our work is continuing to revamp the way professionals learn and grow.

RevWork is helping companies harness the benefits of cultural transformation.

In a nutshell, company culture is the culmination of relationships and interactions that comprise a daily workday. Yes, company culture entails many nuances, but its benefits can be infinite if harnessed and nurtured correctly. From recruiting and retention to employee engagement and innovation, the benefits of a company’s culture carry many tangible and intangible benefits for companies.

Harnessing these areas of development entails tapping into the factors that drive behavior change and personal growth. Success in this space entails several things:

– Providing situational context and the ability to apply learning concepts in real-time.

– The ability to continuously adapt our learning methodology and concepts with evolving needs.

– The ability to do this all daily with efficiency and scale.

Technology provides unique opportunities to harness the factors that go into a successful behavior change and culture transformation process.

RevWork is helping companies grow leaders and assisting professionals in meeting their goals.

Professionals of all ages and backgrounds crave resources and opportunities to help them grow in ways that serve their career prospects. For many, this might mean learning a tangible skill like coding, but for many others, this might mean learning soft skills that help them collaborate, innovate, and even lead better in their personal and professional lives.

With an uncertain business landscape in 2021, many professionals are fully embracing new learning options to preserve or drive future career prospects. This climate is ripe on which many professional coaches and trainers can capitalize. Companies can also drive and nurture employee engagement and retention by providing their workforce with opportunities to grow.


Our AI is helping bridge the knowledge retention gap in traditional learning.

An estimated 70% of traditional training is forgotten within hours of being delivered, and even less than that is retained when we consider the barriers to convert training into behavior and action. Knowledge retention is objectively difficult and is the first crucial hurdle that learning and coaching fields continue to combat.

RevWork is helping overcome this traditional barrier in a few ways: introducing microlearning, embracing relevance and context, and prioritizing reinforcement. Technology has made it easier to prompt actions that drive knowledge retention. Technology also helps repeat this process seamlessly multiple times a week which further reinforces retention.

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Our team is helping coaches scale and deploy their methodologies in a COVID-19 landscape.

Professional coaching is among the most creative and agile fields there is and is uniquely equipped to guiding professionals and workplaces to meet the demand for learning opportunities. RevWork’s technology is taking the innovation of coaches around the world to new heights for the benefit of workplaces and professionals everywhere.

Technology models with AI allow coaches to adapt and deploy their methodology seamlessly and at scale helping them drive better results for their clients and staying top of mind. Through this trend, coaches can enhance and harness their brand while also transitioning to a more desirable revenue model than traditional coaching practices.

Looking ahead to 2021

As mentioned, the uncertain landscape of 2021 calls for more innovation and opportunity in the learning development field. Workplaces and professionals alike will be monitoring efficient, effective, and adaptable ways to continue leveraging these opportunities to the benefit of productivity, innovation, and growth.

If you are either a coach or company eager to harness this trend, RevWork is ready to connect with you. We are excited to continue sharing our work with you all along our journey in making work better in 2021 and beyond!