RevWork, Inc. Introduces First-of-its-Kind Employee Learning & Development Reinforcement Platform

New SaaS Platform Taps into the Neuroscience of Habit Formation; Utilizing Nudge Messaging, Real-Time Application and Other Science-Backed Strategies to Create Lasting Behavior Change

SAN DIEGO–()–Enterprise learning and development (L&D) training programs have historically been ineffective and costly, with companies around the world spending over $357.7B in 2020 with little return on investment. In response, RevWork, Inc. introduces a first-of-its-kind enterprise learning reinforcement platform that breaks free from stagnant delivery methods that fail to produce sustainable business impact. Its innovative technology platform leverages the neuroscience of behavior change and the ability to adapt in real-time to meet the needs of the individual learner to revolutionize the L&D experience and create lasting results.

“The workforce continues to transform at a rapid pace and whether an organization aims to improve culture, skills or sales, they need confidence that their investment in corporate training programs will translate to long-term value,” said Denise Pirrotti Hummel, founder and CEO of RevWork. “We’ve hacked the neuroscience of behavior change to level-up the ROI of L&D investments in a big way. Knowledge retention and deep habit formation are key to lasting business impact and that’s exactly what RevWork is proven to deliver.”

RevWork’s user-friendly software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution delivers habit-forming nudges to learners through iOS and Android applications in addition to allowing businesses to create custom learning reinforcement programs via a build-your-own-content interface. It can be integrated with any learning management system (LMS) or learning experience platform (LXP) to deliver best-in-class corporate training at scale. The solution is divided into four main components:

  • Learn: RevWork focuses on delivering digestible micro-content that is easily accessible and designed to integrate seamlessly into daily activity. In addition, a coaching component focuses on personal reflection and growth to drive holistic adoption of new habits instead of force-feeding content like traditional learning management systems.
  • Practice: The neuroscience of knowledge retention shows that repeated actions create neuropathways, like grooves or roads in the brain, that result in habits. RevWork takes existing educational content and super-charges it. Nudge messaging, quick tips integrated with calendared day-to-day events, social support and skill-strengthening opportunities help turn new learnings into habits.
  • Measure: Tracking return on investment is important for businesses to ensure their training solutions are driving better results. RevWork’s integrated technology stack allows companies to track, optimize and demonstrate business impact, not just user engagement. RevWork produces insightful, data-driven reports that measure progress daily.
  • Transform: RevWork’s powerful behavior change nudge-engine paired with robust back-end analytics delivers the kind of measurable organizational progress that inspires innovation, increases employee engagement, fosters collaboration and champions an inclusive and supportive workplace environment—all while lowering training costs over time.

“With RevWork, your organization can reach the goals that matter most to you – whether that’s to innovate faster, drive more sales or simply to reinforce mission-critical skills amid a changing business landscape,” concludes Hummel.

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ABOUT REVWORK, INC: RevWork, Inc. is dedicated to transforming organizational training. Founded in 2020 by Denise Pirrotti Hummel, RevWork is a first-of-its-kind enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) learning solution that taps into the science of habit formation to deliver workplace training content via proven methodologies designed to create lasting behavior change. Evolving from the full-service diversity and inclusion (D&I) firm, Lead Inclusively, Inc., the innovative delivery platform is now available to support enterprise L&D programs across a variety of areas. Defying the traditional one-size-fits-all approach, RevWork’s next-generation learning reinforcement platform provides a customized experience tailored to both the company and the individual professional’s needs to achieve long-term behavior change and deliver real business impact. To learn more, visit or follow RevWork on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.