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Revamping How Professionals Learn and How Business Gets Done.

Download this ebook to better understand the following areas related to the future of professional and learning development at work:

  • The current state of learning development
  • How behavioral learning helps develop soft skills and a high-performing workforce.
  • Keys to successful behavioral learning strategies.
  • The impacts of successful behavioral learning on individual and business performance.
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Virtual Workplace Engagement Checklist

A rapid transition to remote work has put a heightened strain on workplaces and their workforce. Employee engagement is more vital than ever to preserving morale and productivity during this transition to working virtually in these uncertain times. This guide is meant to help leaders managing teams adjust to the ‘new normal’ of working remotely. Preserving a strong culture of collaboration, inclusion and innovation, will help teams navigate uncertain and disruptive times.

Inclusive Leadership Development Plan

Organizations need to develop inclusive leaders to catalyze and sustain an inclusive culture at scale. Even the most well-intentioned organizations will find it extremely difficult to focus and execute inclusive leadership development efforts that nurture a desired company culture.This Inclusive Leadership Development Plan will help you better understand the maturity of your leadership development efforts. It will also help recommend a roadmap with next steps conducive to your current state.

Employee Engagement ROI Calculator

In today’s world, companies need to be more agile and innovative than ever or risk disruption to their market share. Culture has become the central factor in dictating the success or failure of enterprise organizations in this new age definted by rapid innovation and a global digital transformation. An inclusive culture is the platform from which innovation can thrive. But without an engaged and innovative culture, companies risk their talent strategies, their employer brand, and their bottom-line.


Upskilling, training, and re-skilling had all become vital areas of emphasis for companies, as innovations disrupt industries at an increasing rate. The ability to be agile and adaptable quickly, and at scale was becoming crucial even before the disruptions of COVID-19.

As disruptions and uncertainties persists people and companies must focus on developing “soft skills” that are more conducive to the future of work:

  • From a career advancement perspective for individual professionals, this means being more adaptable and across new evolving job functions and industry demands.
  • From an organizational talent and culture perspective, this means providing resources and building a culture that elevates all aspects of our workforce to contribute to future company innovations and success.

Discussing what these skills look like and how to go about developing them within our workforce and ourselves will be vital to surviving the current times and thriving in future times.

Skills That Will Power People and Workplaces through the Next Year

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Innovating in a Virtual Workplace

Recent events have rapidly accelerated the growing trends of an increasingly virtual workplace. Being able to navigate and adapt to working in a virtual workplace is key to ensuring business continue to proceed as normally as possible.

What will be some of the biggest adjustments to overcome?

What are some tactics to better navigating a virtual workplace?

What is the long term opportunity beyond our current chapter?

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Unlocking Happier Workplaces

Happy teams are also objectively healthier. According to WebMD, upwards of 90% of doctors’ visits can be attributed to some form of negative stress in a patient’s life. It is also estimated that upwards of $576B are lost every year by US employers to workforce illness. All of this even though, on average, companies spend around $750 per employee on employee wellness initiatives. For these reasons and more it is fair to say that workplace engagement and happiness begin with an inclusive workplace culture.
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Is Your Company Culture Costing You?

At the root of a happy and innovative workplace, is an inclusive workplace culture. While there is a global social call for inclusive workplaces, statistics also show that 8% of employee turnover and 17% of employee disengagement is due to inclusion-related issues. A typical firm comprised of 3,000 employees can expect to lose $24 million annually on attrition alone. Extrapolate those figures across a global enterprise scale, and losses are well into the hundreds of millions.


The Leading Tomorrow podcast series a leadership podcast that hosts conversations pushing new innovation in leadership, culture, coaching, happiness and equality in the world’s leading businesses and workplaces. The goals of these conversations is to build better leaders, relationships and workplaces of the future.

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