Our Story

Our Founder, Denise Pirrotti Hummel, is a serial entrepreneur who was focused strongly on leveraging organizational, cultural, and gender differences as a lever for business performance.

As the Founder and CEO of Universal Consensus, LLC, her focus was on organizational cross-cultural performance. As the Founder and CEO of Lead Inclusively, Inc. she was focused on gender and racial parity.

During her tenure in each of these companies, both teams set out to solve the fact that the behavior of inclusion was not sustainable. Traditional learning could be compelling and even repeatable, but it did not change old behaviors or support the formation of new habits.

At Lead Inclusively, the team worked with engineers to develop the Inclusion Virtual Coach based on the neuroscience of behavior change. Given its enormous success in enterprise and endorsement by Microsoft, it was clear that the platform could produce Virtual Coaches that could transform and sustain not only the behavior of inclusion but any behavior necessary to propel organizational performance.

Since its early days, so many wonderful Virtual Coaches have been co-developed by subject matter experts and by Learning & Development professionals in enterprise. We’ve watched the use-cases go from inclusion to innovation to sales enablement and beyond and we wonder with amazement where our patented technology will take the world of Learning Development and what role we will have in shaping it.

We’re honored to share this experience with you and hope to make you part of our inner circle as we all grow together to make learning a supportive and lasting behavior change experience, rather than one of futile memorization that inevitably results in loss of information retention. We truly are “Revamping the Way Work Gets Done.”

About RevWork Customers

We have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading companies in their respective industries. At RevWork, we view our work with our clients as a partnership in a shared journey. Every employee wants to feel empowered and engaged at work and every organization wants to innovate at the speed and agility necessary to succeed in this new complex world. Our approach to professional development aligns the needs of company and workforce. We’re honored to be a part of your journey.

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