Mergers and Acquisitions

As companies grow, so should their workplaces

Ensuring Company Personnel and Culture is Built to Evolve as Their Organizations Grow

While Mergers and Acquisitions are generally exciting events for a company, they certainly come with their fair share of challenges. While many of these challenges are logistical, people and culture issues can serve as key determining factors that are the difference between success and failure of the merger itself.

Mergers Will Persist Through a New Business Landscape

With a highly volatile 2020 and uncertain future, 63% of experts surveyed expect transaction volume to continue to increase. That said, organizations will need to be more efficient than ever to further ensure the success of their mergers. This task starts and ends with building a Newco culture and a fully integrated workforce.

Why Some Mergers and Acquisitions Fail to Meet Expectations

According to Deloitte
  • 28% 28%

Execution and integration gaps./p>

  • 26% 26%

Poorly defined M&A strategy.

  • 20% 20%

Not achieving cultural alignment.

Evolving Workplaces to Match the Evolution of Their Company

RevWork’s learning technology gives leaders and integraters a new opportunity to leverage a training experience that assists their ability to retain and apply training material that truly benefits their new job functions, teams, and company.


First and most importantly, you choose the focus of your learning based on what’s important to you at any given time.

Event Based

Second, you can set the practice around your daily schedule or access the content whenever you like.


Third, you get to solidify the learning by taking a moment to reflect in your voice to text journal about what you experienced and track your progress and challenges.

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