The Post-COVID workplace needs better learning development solutions than ever before. Disruption has been synonymous with business for decades. The technological advances of the last decade/s dubbed by some as the ‘third industrial revolution’, have both catalyzed and threatened various global industries in new ways. These trends are only exacerbated by the business disruptions that continue to persist from the COVID-19 pandemic.

64% of supply chain companies with revenue greater than USD$1 billion reported revenue losses between 6% and 20% in 2020, which GEP calculates represents between $2T-$4T in lost revenue.

42% of employees globally have reported a decline in mental health. Mental-health conditions cause absenteeism, presenteeism, and approximately $1 trillion worth of lost productivity a year.

The past year throws yet another wrench into the company’s learning and HR strategies and adds emphasis to their importance. More than ever learning strategies need to play an integral role in talent, HR, and professional development strategies of every organization. These learning strategies need to achieve a few things to ensure success.

  • Ensure the learning content and programs are retained by employees
  • Ensure the learning programs are easily deployable and adaptable to future disruption

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A ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to a company learning strategy does not satisfy any of these modern needs. These approaches are slow to adapt, harder to deploy, and do not satisfy the many different learning needs of a company and its workforce. An adaptable dynamic learning strategy and mechanism has theoretically infinite us for global workplaces but among them are the following.

Hiring and onboarding strategies for a fast-growing company or department

As times shift, so do talent strategies. These shifts often put companies in a position where they need to hire and expand rapidly at once. These are exciting but also pivotal times for a company. Failure to onboard and integrate a new batch of hires can have several short- and long-term ramifications for a workplace and employees. Being able to deploy a targeted learning program at scale is key. Ensuring this learning strategy can adapt to each new employee’s needs and onboarding progress is also vital.

As employees continue to integrate into their new workplace, learning programs should be able to evolve with them. This is a perfect example where scale, adaptability, and customization merge to create a perfect learning development ecosystem.

Revamping leadership development in a well-established corporate culture

Often, very successful companies get accustomed to doing business and building company culture a certain way. These companies are often the ones most vulnerable to disruption. Failure to adapt company culture from the top down is often a symptom of this as well.

Dynamic, customizable, and deployable strategies are crucial in these cases for a few reasons. They need to be easily deployed because leaders are busy and can often be more ‘set in their ways’ than entry-level employees. The scale helps ensure the same learning development strategy is impacting every leader within said organization. 

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