To me, this title encapsulates the future of both culture and talent development. How can you empower your employees to leave but ensure they don’t? Development, engagement, and retention are the three pillars that will ensure the survival of many companies across the country. The pandemic rocked workplaces to their core, and the following labor shortage has provided yet another wrinkle.

Development and retention are crucial to ensuring the resilience and prosperity of workplaces and their employees. Unfortunately, only 37% of employees think their skills are being developed correctly, and 13% see themselves at the same company in the next decade.

In this article, I want to ask everyone reading this a question. What would make you feel empowered to grow into a new role but also loyal enough to stay at your current company?

It’s perfectly okay if your genuine answer to this question is ‘nothing but it’s an interesting question to ask ourselves. The answer can give insight into the ideal workplace culture of the future!

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Empower Your Employees with Honesty and Transparency

Young employees are more likely to suffer from the anxieties of career uncertainty. Whether navigating a potential promotion or simply a fear of understanding their performance; younger employees will stress more about certain career-related factors because they have less experience navigating them. Companies can empower young developing employees by being honest and transparent with them.

The impact of transparency applies to all employees but holds added significance for young employees. Being honest and transparent about their performance, company standing, and promotion prospects empowers employees. It makes them feel like they are a part of the big picture or endgame of the company. Transparency inherently also helps ease occasional anxieties about job security which helps boost daily performance.

By empowering employees with honesty and transparency you also help foster a mutual sense of gratitude. This becomes invaluable when an employee is facing a decision regarding their next career step.

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Invest in Learning Opportunities… Then Invest a Little More

In 2020, companies invested $350B in corporate learning. Believe it or not, that was down from 2019. Companies recognize the need to train and diligently upskill their workforce. But the truth is that most of this very well-meaning investment goes to waste every year. As a result, the subsequent workplace disengagement is costing companies $483B-$605B every year.

There are many complexities and nuances that current learning systems struggle to truly satisfy. Luckily, we are getting closer to cracking the code. Technology and science are providing new insights and delivery mechanisms that are allowing companies to empower their teams more effectively than ever.

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What Now?

These are two achievable adjustments workplaces can make tomorrow to secure their future. They entail a change in leadership philosophy and further investment in systems that already have buy-in and investment. So, are workplaces ready to make these changes? What are the main obstacles getting in the way?