Lead Inclusively Virtual Coach

Empowering leaders to build strong professionals and harness their unique qualities to build better teams that engage and perform at a higher level

The Inclusion Virtual Coach was co-developed by diversity and inclusion experts Lead Inclusively, Inc., a special division of RevWork, to identify and embed inclusion behaviors into five key areas of a leader’s daily life: Hiring, Meetings, Performance Management, Team Development and Strategy & Planning. More than ever, the ability to create an environment of belonging is instrumental to maintaining productivity, engagement, and team collaboration.

A Leadership App That Enhances Everyone’s Workplace Experience and Performance

Inclusive workplaces are happier and happier workplaces are, above all else, better. After all, they are healthier, more collaborative and more innovative across the board. Culture is built through the relationships that are created within a workplace which are born through daily interactions. This application of the RevWork platform focuses on equipping leaders with the ability to harness and develop the different strength each member of their team brings to the table. Bi-products of the application of this inclusive leadership training include, the advancement of diverse employees (women, minorities etc.), increased employee engagement, increased job satisfaction, better productivity, and an employer brand that establishes your company as the employer of choice.

Why Its Different From Traditional Diversity and Inclusion Training

Unlike any other learning delivery mechanism, leaders achieve the benefits of the RevWork patented behavior change technology. This allows leaders to leverage the guiding principles of diversity and inclusion training to elevate their colleagues, teams and workplaces.


The leader choose the focus of learning based on what’s important to the leader at any given time.

Event Based

The leader sets the practice around their daily schedule or access the content whenever it’s most convenient and impactful.


The leader solidifies the learning by taking a moment to reflect with voice to text journaling about what is experienced and track progress and challenges.

  • Diverse teams managed inclusively 94% 94%
  • Homogeneous teams 73% 73%
  • Diverse teams managed uninclusively 41% 41%

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