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Diversity in the Workplace – Panel Discussion Regarding Racial Equality


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Building on the resounding wave of awareness and activism around the topic of racial equality, we brought together four black executive colleagues with deep backgrounds in Diversity and Inclusion to answer questions from REAL people around the world regarding diversity in the workplace and beyond.

Pushing the needle in the area of equality requires awareness and subsequent action from individuals, households, and workplaces. Conversations like these are small but important parts of a larger wave of reform.

Thank you to everyone who participated by submitting their questions and to everyone who takes the time to seize this moment to learn new perspectives and further contribute to the conversation.

The Panelists


(From left to right)

Anthony Herrington: CEO, The Herrington Group, Former D&I Director at Nike

Valencia Culbreath: Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Graebel Companies

Eugene Frazier: CEO of EF Choice, Forbes Council, Former HR Director at Motorola

April Allen: Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Daimler Trucks


(full 90-minute discussion can be found at the bottom)

What emotions have the panelists been experiencing during the Black Lives Matter Protests? (12 min)

Panelists share the many powerful emotions they have experienced over the past few weeks and what their outlook and hope for the future look like.

Raising children right now as a black mother. (6 minutes)

How Black parents are balancing raising children to not live in fear or with contempt despite living in a world and during a time that is heavily contentious around the topic of race.

The Black Experience in our workplaces and everyday life. (9 minutes)

Diving into the ‘Black Experience’ and the ‘Black Expense’ that is experienced by black professionals in this country as a result of a complex and powerful history of systemic racism.

Helping white leaders address race with their colleagues and educate themselves on issues of race. (13 minutes)

How can white leaders (and people) take the initiative to educate themselves? How can leaders approach addressing race with their POC colleagues? How can black colleagues help (or should they)?

Is inaction from organizations around racial equality acceptable? (4 minutes)

Are companies right to take a silent or neutral stance on race during these times (or ever)?

Parting words and calls to action to advance a better future. (18 minutes)

With an understanding of our past and present, how can we collectively work for a better, more equitable future for all?

In conclusion

How has your understanding and perception of racial equality changed in the past weeks? Where do you see the biggest opportunity to change? How do you intend to further your education and advocacy going forward? Do you disagree with anything discussed during this panel? Lastly, how do companies and people do better to advance more diversity in the workplace?


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