Becoming Better Diversity Advocates

A Lesson on Racial History, White Privilege, Microaggressions, and Anti-Racism

There is so much discussion happening around the topic of race and racism in communities around the world. While the discussions and debate cover a wide range of very complex areas, a few things are certain. People are scared, people are tired, and communities are divided. Ultimately, our present social climate has challenged us all to educate ourselves on topics relevant to racism and become better diversity advocates in our communities and workplaces alike. 


A. Challenging your beliefs about individual and structural racism:
It’s okay to have set opinions, but it is important to be comfortable being wrong.

B. Learning the definitions of racism that keep us from moving forward:
Racism comes in many forms, some more subtle than others, and we need to understand how racism manifests in everyday life.

C. Everyone is a little racist (understand your own racism):
We all possess biases, and these can play impactful roles in our ability to connect with people different than us in our communities and workplaces.

D. Being an anti-racist: scaling and sustaining inclusion:
How do we evolve beyond simply ‘not being racist’ and move toward becoming impactful diversity advocates, and actively transforming our social fabric?

Join the discussion and let us know what you think!


A Guide to Courageous Conversations

2020 has been as unusual a year as any in recent memory and along with that has come seemingly infinite ups and downs. Businesses, communities, and people alike are facing new brand new challenges to virtually every facet of daily life.

At the end of the day, courageous and even contentious conversations are the only way people and communities will be able to actively pursue feasible solutions for today’s most pressing issues.

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