Building Successful DEI Strategies in 2021

Lessons learned from a chaotic 2020 and what it means for Diversity and Inclusion practices in 2021

Diversity and Inclusion experienced an enormous amount of attention in the chaotic year of 2020. Like many fields, DEI has been forced to adapt and is facing an exciting evolution on the heels of 2020. So what does all of this mean for DEI strategies in 2021 and beyond?

First, we witnessed an unprecedented disruption to the modern workforce with the impact of the pandemic. Later, we saw a wave of social activism that had not been seen in decades. These milestone shifts in our business and societal landscape will change many aspects of how workplaces will function. All this with Diversity and Inclusion more center stage than it has ever been. At the end of this presentation, we hope you have a more clear vision for how DEI strategies in 2021 can play a more integral role in both workplace and societal change. 

Watch the video and download the slides to learn more about the following:

– The role that DEI played in helping workplaces navigate the many disruptions of 2020
– The impact of DEI in workplaces and communities looking forward
– How to ensure your company experiences a successful DEI strategy in 2021

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A Guide to Courageous Conversations

2020 has been as unusual a year as any in recent memory and along with that has come seemingly infinite ups and downs. Businesses, communities, and people alike are facing new brand new challenges to virtually every facet of daily life.

At the end of the day, courageous and even contentious conversations are the only way people and communities will be able to actively pursue feasible solutions for today’s most pressing issues.

A Guide to Courageous Conversations

A rapid transition to remote work has put a heightened strain on workplaces and their workforce. Employee engagement is more vital than ever to preserving morale and productivity during this transition to working virtually in these uncertain times. 

This guide is meant to help leaders managing teams adjust to the ‘new normal’ of working remotely. Preserving a strong culture of collaboration, inclusion and innovation, will help teams navigate uncertain and disruptive times.

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