COVID-19 Compliance

The future of work hinges on ensuring businesses, their workforce and their customers are safe to operate in the midst of COVID-19.


Preserving Workplace Safety for Customers and Employees

With Covid-19 compliance regulations changing on a daily basis, it is difficult for workforces to keep up and preserve a sense of safety at work for both themselves and customers. This Virtual Coach, is not only a dynamic repository of important information, editable at a moment’s notice, it sends in-app notifications encouraging compliance behaviors, detail-orientation and a sense of accountability.

Ready to Get to Work?

Popular Industry OHSA Guidlines

The following industries are among the most impacted by COVID-19 and will be best served by RevWork’s behavior change technology:

Guidelines for helping commercial airline workers, sanitize their workplaces, identify COVID-19 symptoms, and keep their passengers and themselves safe. 

Helping employers remain alert to changing outbreak conditions, including as they relate to community spread of the virus and testing availability.

Providing guidance for workers and employers involved in retail operations that remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly those operations with high customer volumes.

Guidelines for business travelers to play their role in keeping public areas safe for themselves and others while also helping slow the spread.

Guidelines for essential workers in manufacturing whose work conditions, at times, make it difficult or impossible to follow social distancing standards.