Employee Engagement

How Purpose-Driven Leadership Drives Productivity

According to CNBC, 50% of employees are either looking for a new job or planning on it. 48 million people quit their job in 2021. While most of them cite higher pay, over 20% say they would leave for the same pay. With that said, purpose-driven leadership holds the keys to better retention and productivity long […]
July 15, 2022
Diversity and Inclusion

Connecting Your Diversity and Inclusion Efforts to Your ESG Reporting

The upheaval of 2020 has been defined in part by highly visible social movements. Employees, consumers, and even governments are looking to companies to play a significant role in pushing new social justice causes. This call to action goes far beyond simple tweaks to a company’s mission statement. In 2022, companies must attack their Diversity […]
July 1, 2022
Human Resources

Why Learning and Technology are a Vital Marriage for Workplaces in 2022

In the metaphor of a sinking ship, 2020 was the mad scramble to find a life vest. In this same metaphor, 2022 is our attempt to swim safely to shore. While we’ve overcome the traumas of initial WFH growing pains, workplaces aren’t in the clear yet. There are infinite challenges facing workplaces and their employees. A […]
June 17, 2022
Employee Engagement

Empower Your Employees to Leave but Ensure They Don’t Want to

To me, this title encapsulates the future of both culture and talent development. How can you empower your employees to leave but ensure they don’t? Development, engagement, and retention are the three pillars that will ensure the survival of many companies across the country. The pandemic rocked workplaces to their core, and the following labor […]
June 7, 2022
Employee Engagement

How to Help Employees Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome is one of the most unfortunate psychological syndromes in the workplace. You could argue that imposter syndrome unnecessarily hinders someone’s career and earning potential. It’s not easy to overcome Imposter Syndrome but it is achievable by anyone with the right support. Imposter Syndrome is one area of opportunity for professionals to maximize their […]
May 26, 2022
Professional Development

Flex Work Solutions: Why Work From Home Doesn't Work for Everyone

Flex work solutions hold the key to successful workplaces over the next decade. One of the most notable shifts catalyzed by the pandemic was our shift to remote work. Many have covered this extensively including me. The shift to virtual work has brought many positive changes to the workplace including helping keep people safe, helping […]
May 19, 2022
Learning at work

Learning Development Trends for Post-COVID Workplace Solutions

The Post-COVID workplace needs better learning development solutions than ever before. Disruption has been synonymous with business for decades. The technological advances of the last decade/s dubbed by some as the ‘third industrial revolution’, have both catalyzed and threatened various global industries in new ways. These trends are only exacerbated by the business disruptions that continue to persist from the COVID-19 pandemic.
November 9, 2021

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