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Performance Transformation

At RevWork, we have a do-it-yourself platform that creates individual and organizational behavior change deliverable on IOS, Android and the web. The platform’s virtual coach supports targeted behavior change that improves business performance day-by-day. This approach has helped RevWork customers “revolutionize workforce development.”

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Revolutionizing Workforce Development

A learning platform rooted in behavior-change and powered by AI that is transforming
how employees change targeted behaviors and create new habits.

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Platform Features

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A Learning Experience that Adapts to Trainee and Company Needs

Powered by AI, RevWork empowers people and workplaces to learn, grow and transform in a volatile and fast-moving business landscape.

Machine-learning allows RevWork to optimize learning experiences by adapting to a user’s learning style, preferences, and progress. Feedback loops and analytics provide further insights into the engagement and effectiveness of each training program. By partnering with world-class thought-leaders, training content is not only excellent, but the delivery is that much more effective!

Real-time Coaching Tips Ensure Training is Put to Use on a Day-to-Day Basis

“Just-in-Time” nudge technology and coaching tips are delivered in coordination with your work schedule so learning can be processed and applied to daily work in real time.

Impactful training is being applied daily thanks to in-app notifications that deliver microlearning in conjunction with real work events where they can be practiced and applied. Training is further reinforced post-event thanks to a journaling feature that allows for further reflection and solidification of knowledge.

Build and Customize Your Own Dashboard of Enterprise Learning Solutions

The RevWork platform is built on a framework that allows organizations and people to simplify the process of AI and the neuroscience of behavior change to fit the learner’s needs. Bring your training and methodology to life and lift your colleagues and workplace to the next level through real growth, rather than hoping for passive memorization.

Advanced Data Insights Around User Engagement and Learning Progress

Drill down to see detailed insights that inform predictive analytics and enterprise decision-making. Easily track the effectiveness of your training programs as they relate to your specific goals. Best of all, RevWork can integrate with your HRIS system to further align with your company strategies.

An Expansive Marketplace of Learning Programs and Content

Choosing RevWork means gaining exclusive access to a growing marketplace of enterprise learning solutions built by some of the world’s leading thought-leaders and their training content. When you license the RevWork platform, you will experience the next evolution of some of the world’s best learning content.

Culture Transformation at Scale

Every company is transforming, and that transformation varies with a company’s evolution. But transformation requires behavior change and behavior change at scale has been impossible until now. Whether your company is moving toward increased innovation, customer-centricity, compliance, or diversity and inclusion, the entire workforce can now move steadily in the direction you set.

Our Learning & Development Journey With Our Clients

We have had the privilege of working with some of the world’s leading companies in their respective industries. At RevWork, we view our work with our clients as a partnership in a shared journey. Every employee wants to feel empowered and engaged at work and every organization wants to innovate at the speed and agility necessary to succeed in this new complex world. Our approach to professional development aligns the needs of company and workforce. We’re honored to be a part of your journey.

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